This Way Madness Lies, the Asylum and Beyond

Authored by William Myers and published by Thames & Hudson in 2016, This Way Madness Lies,
The Asylum and Beyond
tells the history of madness from the 18th-century madhouse, 19th-century asylum, the 20th-century mental hospital and to the post-asylum modern days and explores diverse and often contradictory ideas surrounding mental illness. This book also accompanied a major exhibition at Wellcome Collection in September 2016.


Different periods of asylum is represented with different eras of typography and layout style. The introduction deals with the pre-madhouse period, which goes back to the middle ages, and the typography and layout create this 'unofficial' atmosphere. The first chapter starts off from a classic humanist typography and layout, in the second chapter it evolves into the transitional typographic period with a restricted look and feel, in the third chapter it goes into the modernist era with a sans serif typeface and much freer, experimental layout, and in the last chapter the layout becomes an optimistic 90's style. The chapter openers represent the different architectural style of the related era.