An Underground Guide to Sewers or; Down, Through & Out in Paris, London, New York

An Underground Guide to Sewers is authored by Stephen Halliday, fore-worded by Sir Peter Bazalgette, great great son of Sir Joseph Bazalgette who was 19th-century English civil engineer, with a major achievement of the creation (in response to the Great Stink of 1858) of a sewer network for central London which was instrumental in relieving the city from cholera epidemics, while beginning the cleansing of the River Thames. The book was published by Thames & Hudson in October 2019.


The design and typography is based on the utilitarian modernist design, especially first examples of information graphics, rooted in rationality and the process of displaying information in a clear and organised manner. The colour palette chosen represents the very dank and dark world of the underground sewer tunnels. The cover also carries out with the same simple and direct vision, showcasing a manhole and an arrow implying the 'content' is under this manhole. 

front cover

title page

content page

image spread

sub chapter opener

diagram spread

chapter opener spread

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