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Tanzjahr 2016

The constellation of three international dance festivals (Frankfurt, Hannover, Düsseldorf) taking place at the same time this year have led to the initiative Tanzjahr 2016. Lea Broussse & Raban Ruddigkeit organized a poster exhibition by inviting designers around the world to design posters to celebrate the dance year 2016. Daniel Arab, Anıl Aykan Barnbrook, Bärbel Bold, Vito Bica, Alexander Branczyk, Lea Brousse, Lev Chestakov, Alexander Egger, Lars Harmsen, Timothy Helmer, Fons Hickmann, Mario Lombardo, Ariane Spanier, Andrea Tinnes, Niklaus Troxler & Li Xu created posters based on the design concept, which Brousse & Ruddigkeit build for the Danceyear 2016 in Germany. The first exhibition opened on the 12th of May in the legendary Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

The International poster exhibition WELTFORMAT in Lucerne/Swiss also showed our work in an exhibition. The 16 posters were exhibited at the Neubad-Cafe in September 2016.

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