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A Colourful Journey in a Time Machine:
Istanbul Biennials for Children

Authored by Süreyyya Evren and Istanbul Biennial Director Bige Örer, The Colourful Journey on a Time Machine: Istanbul Biennials for Children was commissioned by IKSV. The book surveys the work of past 14 Biennials of Istanbul to show children that art relates to their lives in a very meaningful and relevant way. The audience of this book is very different than contemporary art audience, therefore the book had to be designed with a different visual approach from the ‘art world’ that engages and inspires the children without patronising them. The design of the book is based on breaking the rules; in order to express the content of each page, typefaces are mixed, the pages are turned upside down, emphasis of the text is changed. 

front cover
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text spread
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