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Ideated and curated by the Fountain Digital Lab, Eisenstein app is not only a biographical tool for the Soviet film director and film theorist Eisenstein, but it is also an interactive destiny quest which means that users are having a self-journey through Eisenstein's life story, by means of answering the questions aimed at them and thus overcoming obstacles of acclaimed directors' some controversial private life affairs. 


The inspiration of the interface design is from Russian Constructivism, using it not just stylistically but to create a genuine structured basis for the interface. The typography and colours create an app that is bold, beautiful and has the enigmatic, sometimes alienating-eerie energy of the original Russian source materials. 

main screen
introduction screen with voice over
question is asked
while waiting shapes are moving
yes or no
once answered, the shapes disperse
chapter opener screen
multiple choice question
heart rate is being recorded
result page
chapter opener screen
biography featuring screen
intervention screen
results screen
recorded diary
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