Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives Celebrating the East London Suffragettes 

This is an exhibition design proposal for the call of the Tower Hamlets Local History Library's celebration of the East London Suffragettes. As well as voicing opposition to a male dominant society, the East End Suffragettes invented new ways to transform the society against poverty and inequality. 


As well as i proposed a contemporary design to celebrate the East London Suffragettes by acknowledging their achievements, i also suggested a name to publicise the event, attract people and clarify what the exhibition can achieve: A Place For Every Woman. 

The identity is based on two graphic devices; striking through to override and transform, underlining to emphasise. With these simple and bold two graphic marks, it is easy to illustrate what the East End Suffragettes fought against, while presenting what they stood for and accomplished.The striking through mark comes from the shape of the Suffragettes sash.  

As well as al exhibition furnitures, the dividers also feature flexibility, practicality and cost effectiveness. The system is inspired by the Victorian Meccano toy, allowing to have flexible panels to exhibit photographs, objects and original printed matter and divide the space without interrupting it.