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Juxta Press

Juxta Press is an independent publishing house based in Milan specializing in artists’ books and works on paper.  Barnbrook was commissioned to design the identity of the newly established company. The branding system of Juxta Press, from the name choice to the business cards was designed by me. As the choice of the name indicates, Juxta Press has a philosophy of encouraging interpretation, experimentation and collaboration. This is highlighted in it’s branding system. Unlike more traditional branding identities Juxta Press is not a single logo but a multiple logo system. Common to all of the logos is the ‘X’ symbolising collaboration – a result that is a multiplication of the parts. Together with this is an inverted ‘A’ that symbolises looking at the world differently. These two elements are carried through as the basic structure for the logos changing form. The ‘X’ is also used as a graphic element along side the logo to symbolise the space that Juxta Press creates. 

This route of the branding system is a homage to the Italian designer and artist Fortunato Depero and his famous book Depero Futurista (1927), one of the first examples of modern Artist’s books. 

Th website of JuxtaPress reminiscing of the modernist movement ‘De Stijl’,  the grid serves for a functional modular design and absolute simplicity, the layout (canvas) is intersected vertical and horizontal lines. The grid system is emphasized with thin lines in contrast to robust logotypes to create elegance. Where there is an empty column on the website, it is filled with one of the three x’s of the logotypes or an x mark drawn with thin lines from each corners of the boxes, which can indicate the concept of negation, as well as the opposite such as in the ballot papers, or a notdef (undefined glyph). Different logotype is used and layout changes in the same grid system. 

Photographs coming soon... 

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